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We are a rescue, as the name implies, whose singular goal is to eliminate government sponsored killing of dogs - simply for convenience. We believe that dogs are the equivalent of children that never grow up. We created them; they are our responsibility, and it is a disgrace for our society to kill them simply because they have become impractical to keep.

Stop Killing Dogs Rescue is a non profit organization that is housed in the Downtown Dog Resort and Spa. We have the capability of housing up to ten dogs for adoption at a time from shelters that would have otherwise put the dogs down, but we need volunteers to take care of the dogs until they are either fostered or adopted.

Stop killing dogs rescue was originally formed about five years ago by Barry Glazer, an attorney, (barryglazer.com), who has a deep love and respect for dogs. Barry and his partner Gina Gargeu opened the Downtown Dog Resort and Spa in the beginning of 2009.

These efforts require substantial cost and we need people to work towards obtaining funds to continue these efforts.

We have worked on and built the necessary infrastructure necessary to pursue our goal of eliminating government sponsored unnecessary euthanasia. We now have everything necessary to pursue our goal, but we need a substantial amount of
volunteers to not only influence the politicians so as to force them to legislate euthanasia out of existence but to also help us with the daily needs of the dogs we are rescuing, located at the Downtown Dog Resort and Spa 200 W. McComas St.

It is our hope that this project is just the beginning of our goal. We hope to organize as a power that politicians will have to think about when they budget for their dog programs. I can assure you that the political powers would want nothing less than a group of us campaigning for an opponent who supports saving dogs and against them because they wouldn't. 

We need volunteers!

Call, write or email us.

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Downtown Dog Resort & Spa

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